How It Works

We offer superb quality plants at amazing prices. As a resourceful and dedicated company, we can offer plants at prices well below larger market competitors.

Clients visit us in Pistoia and choose their own plants from our nurseries. We provide a wider range of plants than any of our competitors, in a variety of sizes, at a price to suit all budgets. Plants are supplied in containerised form throughout the year and as root ball stock in the autumn. They are tagged, loaded onto specialist transport and are delivered directly to your door. All the selected plants are handled, packed and loaded by our experienced staff. Delivery is normally two to three weeks from the time of plant selection.

Plants can be ordered either by lorry load or half load (two customers can share the load so as to spread the delivery cost). Plants are carefully and skilfully packed so as to minimise damage and we use a professional transport company that is very accomplished in the delivery of live plants.

We accompany our clients and spend 2 to 3 days visiting our nurseries and hand-picking plants. We and our Italian partners have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal and with our experience and expertise you will find that buying plants from Asta Piante is a very easy and stress free process.

Simply fly with us from an international airport in the UK to Pisa where we will be met by our Italian partners. We stay in a grand country house and Asta Piante will provide you with the finest Tuscan foods and wine.

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